We provide a complete truck maintenance service from Truck Wheel Alignments and Balancing, Truck Repairs, Truck Servicing and also mobile wheel alignments statewide.

We also do 4 wheel drive machinery alignments such as cranes, off-road dump trucks e.g haulmax – there’s not much we can’t wheel align, we’ve even done vintage cars!

Over 34 years in the business speaks for itself, we know what we are doing, and ensure that we carry out all work to the highest possible standard. We also keep up with current standards and techniques by investing in training every 6 months.

Many will say that “you only need to align the front” – the truth is that you generally have 8 wheels on the back, and only 2 on the front, so if the rear is out of alignment, you’ll scrub the fronts out no matter how true the front alignment is – rear wheel alignment is important! The average wheel alignment is cheaper than one steer tyre, so regular alignments actually save money.


When a wheel is only 12.5mm out of alignment, the tyre is being dragged sideways 18 metres in every kilometre.

Think of the valuable rubber being scuffed away!

The lesson - a small amount of money being spent on regular alignments saves a large amount of money on tyres down the track.

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